version 6.2.2, build 6578
date: Jun 24, 2024
size: 55 MB
OS: all Windows
MSP/ITSP licensing

If you are an MSP/ITSP (Managed/IT Services Provider), you can use this license to inventory the computers of your clients and customers.

What is a node?

A node is a computer, server, network printer, router or any other network device with an IP address.

While using the program, you many also add custom assets to your storage manually. These are NOT counted as nodes, so you can have any number of them.

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Total Network Inventory 6
Network Inventory Software

Easy PC, Mac, Linux, and FreeBSD audit, reporting and software licenses management.

These companies use TNI 6

These and thousands of other companies worldwide!

  • Sony
  • IBM
  • Vodafone
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Disney
  • Caterpillar
  • NASA
  • Bridgestone
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Feature tour 

Scanning remote computers

There are no exhausting preparations needed in order to get your PC audit up and running: just install Total Network Inventory 6 on one computer and that's it—you're good to go. Define a list of separate network nodes or IP-ranges or connect the scanner to an Active Directory domain. Next, specify the administrator's password and call it done after clicking Start scan! In a few short minutes you'll own data on all your Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD computers as well as network devices.

PC audit

Network audit database

All the data is stored in a separate folder on your hard drive, where you'll find a small file for every network device that you've scanned. This structure is designed for the easy moving, sharing, or archiving of your inventory data. You can group your computers, attach comments, and inventory numbers or all kinds of other information to them.

Network hardware

Flexible and powerful reporting

Nothing beats the simplicity of building a report in TNI 6. Select a set of computers in your storage and click the report that you need for your software and hardware audit. You'll get full, detailed data, ready to be printed, exported, or further processed. You can even design a complex report yourself by choosing objects and fields of interest. No matter how big, any report can be quickly delved into thanks to the instant search feature.

Auditing reports

Easy software and licenses audit

TNI 6 software inventory tool will show you all the software installed on your network: what version is present, what computers have them, how many copies are found, and whether your licenses actually allow that many. License keys for some applications will be scanned automatically, and you're completely free to manually specify them for the rest. By the use of the filters, tags, grouping, search, and software tracking feature, you can be sure to never overlook anything.

Software inventory

Scheduled scanning

The scan scheduler allows you to optimize the collection of new data in your network. Create a list of devices that you want to scan repeatedly or a bit later, select the date and time, and the network inventory scanner will do the rest. Scan different sets of assets at different times and keep your inventory up-to-date. Set up automatic network inventory in just a few clicks!

Network inventory scan

Detect any changes

PC inventory often includes tracking of any hardware and software changes that occur in the enterprise network. Each time you rescan a device, TNI creates a new configuration snapshot for it. The Change log compares these snapshots and presents you with a comprehensive list of everything that was added, removed or changed. Thus, our computer inventory software allows you to keep each asset of your organization updated and under control.

PC inventory scanner

Visualize your network on a map

Create a single map or split your network into many segments and levels, for different company sites, office floors or other purposes. Drag and drop assets and groups from the storage onto your map, arrange them the way you want and render the network structure using links of various types. Load any images onto your map or spawn preset shapes and rotate or modify them to your heart's content. For example, you can make the shape an outline or fill it with any color you like and choose the transparency level. If the objects are overlapping, our network auditing tool allows you to bring objects to the fore or hide them behind others. The map size is not limited.

Network map

Pick a license:

Key features TNI 6 Standard TNI 6 Professional
Remote scanning of Windows and Unix-based systems, VMware, SNMP and other devices
PC scanning with resident agent
Hardware and software inventory
Customizable inventory reports of any complexity
Scheduled network scans
Notifications about issues on assets and software
Hardware and software change log
Perpetual license
Software Asset Management (SAM)
Software license management module
License status calculation and storage of license keys
Hardware sensors statistics
Network map module

And so much more:

  • Monitor the online status of computers, real-time.
  • Detect problems with your network in advance.
  • Store data about your users.
  • Attach unique passwords to devices that need them.
  • Build complex reports using filters and conditions.
  • Share report templates with other administrators.


TNI 6 Standard
Hardware and software inventory
On-screen, printable and table reports
Software accounting, installations browser
Creating licenses, storing license keys
Live detailed license status calculation
Hardware sensors statistics
Network map
TNI 6 Professional
Most popular
Hardware and software inventory
On-screen, printable and table reports
Software accounting, installations browser
Creating licenses, storing license keys
Live detailed license status calculation
Hardware sensors statistics
Network map
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For educational, governmental, and non-profit institutions.



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Software distributors, IT-providers, and other IT-related companies may join our distribution program.

What is Total Network Inventory (TNI)?
Total Network Inventory (TNI) is a tool for IT asset management and inventory that allows you to scan, account for, and manage all devices in your network.
Can I try TNI before purchasing?
Yes, you can download a free 60-day trial version with all features enabled to evaluate the software before making a purchase.
What operating systems are compatible with TNI?
TNI is compatible with Windows operating systems for the console, and it can scan devices running various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.
What support and resources are available for TNI users?
TNI users have access to a range of support resources, including a comprehensive knowledge base, user manuals, video tutorials, and direct technical support through email or the website.
Can TNI scan remote computers over the internet?
Yes, TNI can scan remote computers over the internet, provided that the necessary network configurations and firewall settings allow for such access.